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Scratchpad is the Bristol Improv Theatre’s new scratch night – carving out stage time for fledgling ideas, emerging groups and the shooting sprouts of talent. Come and watch three local improv groups forge ahead with ideas that are as fresh, squeaky and full of promise as a brand new pair of trainers. When they hit the West End you’ll be able to say ‘I was actually at their first ever gig!’

This Season’s line up includes:

Solicitors cut to the chase. Solicitors explain clearly how things happened. Solicitors represent truly deplorable people. Solicitors defend the innocent. Solicitors are a two person improv team featuring Mark Long & John McInnes. Solicitors are all of the above.

Improbable Crime Squad
The improvised crime procedural drama. Two detectives overcome personal and professional challenges to investigate bizarre crimes.

Subject to Optimism
A circus show where life will be divided, dissected and stuck to the wall as polaroids. We’ll roll the dice and see where we’re going.

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