Screening of short film ‘I Do Not Want to Smoke’

Contact: Nancy West (Email)

The unprecedented ‘war on smoking’ unleashed in early Soviet Russia combined anti-tobacco propaganda with innovative cessation therapies. One of the most distinctive methods developed by the Soviet state to combat smoking and cultivate healthy habits and behaviours was film hypnotherapy.

I Do Not Want to Smoke brings to life one of the world’s first experiments in using the cinema as a means of psychotherapeutic treatment. A short film based on a Soviet script, published in 1936 but never produced, showcases the techniques used to educate the public about the dangers of nicotine and to impart mass suggestions about smoking cessation.

Funded by the Wellcome Trust, I Do Not Want to Smoke sheds light on the intersection between cinematic technology, medicine, and programmes of mind/body transformation.

Director: Steven Sheil, with music by Tara Creme and animation by Ste McGregor.

The film will be introduced and discussed by Dr Anna Toropova, a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham.

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