Scribe Act Productions presents Follow Your Dreams

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 by C. Worthington & J. Upward

Aspirations, striving for success, reaching for the moon, vaulting ambition. Become a better you; richer, interesting or exciting. Follow your dreams with three new plays on striving for success, following rainbows to find your crock of gold.

Easy Money by Chris Worthington
How to make your first million. Listen to a motivational speaker, learn the secrets of success, unlock the treasure chest of life! If you really want it you can get it – do you really want it?

Writing Class by Chris Worthington
No ordinary writing class – the tutor has magical powers and his students become the characters they have created. Medallion man meets IT geek meets art historian. What can possibly go wrong?

Rainbow’s End by John Upward
Before television, radio and moving pictures a few performers still achieved international fame, and none more so than circus performers. Some were gypsies, travelling the world putting on shows in permanent hippodromes whilst their less successful contemporaries toured in horse drawn wagons down unpaved roads to perform in village squares. Others dreamed of joining them. See two people bound together by death,  the excitement and suspense of the circus and the happiness of extrude.

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