Listed by: MAYK
Contact: Amanda Fawcett (Email)

Presented by MAYK in association with Creative Youth Network Concept by Still House. Afrobeats by Empire Sounds. Street Dance by Steppaz.

Tonight we come together, to look each other in the eye and dance.
We have time on our side and we’re making a space to call our own.

Made in collaboration with an extraordinary group of young performers SESSION is a battle cry and a love song, celebrating community, youth and belonging.

In this explosive gathering Still House join forces with Tottenham’s Steppaz Performing Arts Academy and Empire Sounds (live set) to create an exhilarating dance event where everyone is welcome.

Dance performance, gig, social, and rave, SESSION moves across hip-hop, contemporary folk and afrobeats vocabularies to create a new movement that is all and none of these parts.

See you there.

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