Shadows Over Improv

Listed by: Rob Egginton

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By Unnamed Improv

Shadows Over Improv is an improvised cosmic horror show, inspired by the weird tales of H.P. Lovecraft.

As the audience, YOU will provide a suggestion from which we will devise a brand new tale of man’s powerless place in an uncaring universe of ancient mysteries.

Every night is a world premiere: physical, atmospheric and all made up completely out of our minds.

Formed in 2013, Unnamed Improv specialises in narrative long-form improvisational theatre and features performers from top Bristol groups
Closer Each Day and Degrees of Error.

Previous visions have shown audiences…

– The mind-altering black flowers of Peru, whose seductive scent offer power and possession in unequal measure.

– A parallel tale between fabled Camelot and 1920s Lancashire that revealed the traitorous manipulation of the Lady of the lake and the horror of genetic absolutism.

– The agony of choice between love and immortality, as mathematics and blood break down the walls between worlds… and let in those from the other side.

“Groundbreaking improvised theatre meets gothic horror in this hypnotizing display of dark & unnerving storytelling. Mind-bendingly good.”
Bristol Improv Festival


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