Shirley Valentine

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by  Schoolhouse Productions

Middle aged, working class, Liverpudlian housewife Shirley is alone again.  And talking to the kitchen wall.  Again.

The kids had flown the nest and her emotionally distant husband is on his way home for his tea of egg and chips.

Where has her life disappeared to?

Out of the blue, her best friend offers her an all expenses paid trip to Greece for 2 weeks. So she packs her bags and leaves her husband a note on the kitchen table…

“A joyful, captivating piece of theatre.” – The New York Daily News

“A thrilling, cheer raising piece of theatre.” – The Financial Times

Praise for Schoolhouse

“Anna Friend’s gloriously intimate and flawlessly cast production… is one of the finest renderings of the play I have ever seen.” – 5 STARS (Holly Georgeson – The Flaneur)

“A powerful and thought- provoking piece of theatre which is bold, entertaining and thoroughly lives up to the high expectations I have of this young company” – 5 STARS (Sarah-Jane Howard – 365 Bristol)
“It’s worth the ticket for that final scene, alone. The rest … is bonus.” – 4 STARS (Arthur Duncan – RemoteGoat)

“Tightly directed, tense, and laced with home truths, plus a cast on top form, Shelagh Stephenson’s The Memory of Water flips from high comedy to bleak emotional desolation in this sharp production at the Alma.” (Harry Mottram –

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