Short Course: Acting for Contemporary Drama

Contact: Student Recruitment (Email)

This intensive week-long course gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the craft of modern acting.

Delivered through practical workshops and masterclasses, you will focus on how to read and analyse scripts to create appropriate and believable characters. By studying the chemistry of human relationships and how to communicate beliefs and feelings, you will discover the messages within texts and how to play these to the audience.

This informative and popular course is open to anyone over the age of 17 with an interest in acting, either as a student, a professional or those who act ‘just for the fun of it’!

The course culminates with a celebratory meal where you will have the opportunity to discuss the course and any future plans with teaching staff.

This course will take place from Mon 15 – 19th July 2019.

The course costs £475 and the application form can be found on our website,

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