Signed performance of Cinderella

Contact: Access line 0800 912 6971 ()

TUESDAY 18 DEC 2018 7pm

Will be the signed performance of our pantomime Cinderella.

Signed performances are aimed at people who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired. A trained describer will be standing stage left interpreting the speech and actions taking place on stage  at the same time it is being performed. The signer will be using British Sign Language.

The signer for this performance will be Andy Higgins from Vee Limited. Find out a bit more them here

A special concession will be given to any access patrons booking for the signed performance.

If you or a someone you know would like to book, please call our Access line on 0800 912 6971 or pop into our Box Office.

Type Talk: 18001 0844 871 7677 (text phone user)

Type Talk: 18002 0844 871 7677 (hearing person)

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