Silence – A storytelling from Rachel Rose Reid

Listed by: Victoria Jones
Contact: Rachel Rose Reid (Email)

Coexist & CoResist present  Rachel Rose Reid

In 2018, Rachel Rose Reid wowed us with the first part of an epic that’s not been told in England for 700 years. Please join us for the next part of this incredible lost story – you will be able to dive in whether or not you’ve heard the first part.

In the whole World, only one manuscript unfolds the Roman de Silence.

Written in 1250 by Heldris of Cornwall, it was discovered in 1911 in an old English Manor House, in a box marked ‘Old Papers, No Value’. But In 1911 suffrage protests were at their explosive height, and the controversial manuscript was kept silent.

But the story was made to be told.

Now is the time to tell it.

Silence follows a gender fluid descendant of King Arthur thrown into a quest for empowerment and equality. It is packed with adventure, humour and conflicts that feel familiar to our modern ears.

During the day, Rachel will be a guest of  M Shed and Out Stories Bristol, talking about Silence as part of LGBT+ History Month:

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