Silence – Performance Storytelling at Hamilton House

Listed by: Rachel Rose Reid
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In the whole world, only one manuscript unfolds the Roman de Silence, inscribed in 13th century Cornwall and discovered at Wollaton Manor, Nottinghamshire in 1911 in a box marked ‘Old Papers, No Value”.
It was too hot to handle. Suffrage protests were at their explosive height, and this tale suggested that England and King Arthur’s lineage both depended on a quest for female freedom.
So the legend was silenced once more.
But the story was made to be told.
Now is the time to tell it.

A tale of naughty trysts and gender shifts, chivalry and shade, nature and nurture, music, mayhem, and a ravenous Merlin on the trail of a juicy bit of steak.

“Immense skill and breathless conviction. There’s no faulting Reid’s command of her craft” The Times

Rachel Rose Reid is a UK based Storyteller who has performed around the globe and for BBC Radio 3, the Crick Crack Club, and Beyond the Border.

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