SKINT Theatre Festival 2017

Contact: Liam Harrison (Email)

 SKINT Theatre


SKINT Theatre is the UK’s debut Micro-Theatre Festival – fusing affordable, astonishing theatre with a vibrant Jailhouse bar. 
Located in the police cells beneath Bristol’s popular arts venue The Island our three-day festival will feature 11 of the UK’s top emerging performers, bringing you Bite-Sized (15min), Affordable (£4/show), Enticing pieces cyclically throughout the night.
This year’s theme is STRANGER TALES: Eccentric stories of the odd, uncanny and surreal.
Come sample a selection of our strange & astonishing shows, visit our bustling jailhouse bar, serving local brewed ales and delicious virgin cocktails or relax in our beautiful open -air courtyard featuring games and music throughout the night. 
Join us for an us for an evening you will not soon forget…
No Advanced Ticket Sales
All Tickets Available on the Door
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