SLAPSTICK AND FARCE – with Cheryl Stapleton

Listed by: Clara Marullo
Contact: Clara Marullo (Email)

Presented by The Actors' Workshop

The Actors Workshop is delighted to welcome Cheryl Stapleton back for a wonderful masterclass on Slapstick and Farce.

With roots that can be traced back to Roman and Renaissance comedies, the physicality of farce and its ability to shock and please in equal measure have placed it at the core of popular entertainment for centuries. Social, sexual or political transgression frequently drive the narrative with the lampooning of familiar stock character types, updated for each generation (think of Fawlty Towers, Bottom and even South Park!)


This masterclass will explore:


  • Absurd physical gags and routines
  • Exaggerated characterisations and stock types
  • Improbable situations and disguises
  • Stage craft, including chase sequences
  • Quick fire dialogue, grummelot (gibberish) language
  • Comic techniques such as, double takes, trips and pratfalls, repetition and timing
  • Audience interaction

Extracts from Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Tartuffe and One Man, Two Guvnors will be used with handouts to accompany the masterclass. Ideal CPD for teachers and directors or intensive training for performers wishing to extend their physical comedy potential.



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