Speakeasy Ft: Ben Thurston and Last Day on Earth Improv

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Presented by  Jazz Police Improv

(Jazz) Hands up! You’re under arrest.

Jazz Police Improv present Speakeasy! A night of comedy put on by jazz’s least regulated governing body.

We’re the worst improv team in Bristol. A collection of washed-up improv teachers/directors/producers coming together to attempt to have “fun”

Joining us at the Room Above will be –

Ben Thurston

45, single, father, idiot, rudderless and self-absorbed. Think Bridget Jones with a beard.

“Sleep deprived good humour.” – Brighton Evening Argus.

Leicester Square New Act Semi-finalist.


Last Day on Earth

Fresh from their successful run as the house team for the Bristol based monthly show Parent’s Basement, Last Day on Earth bring an intense, high-energy show,that teeters on the magical line between genius and insanity.

Through a series of improvised sketches starting out from a single event, they explore the bizarre lives, quirks and intersections that bring their cast of undoubtedly oddball characters together. For some of whom it may be their Last Day on Earth*!
*not a guarantee

<May or may not contain actual jazz. Terms and conditions apply>

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