Still No Idea

Contact: Naomi Jermey (Email)

 Bunny Productions

No Idea is a mischievous look at where we were then, and where we are now. Part-verbatim theatre, part-confessional, part-comedy sketch show, with a touch of singing and dancing – these are the adventures of two friends in search of a story.

10 years ago, best mates Lisa and Rachael created a show together. With no idea where to begin, they went out and asked the public to imagine a storyline for them.

Seeing Lisa, who is 4 foot tall and in a wheelchair, the public ultimately wrote her out of every story and placed Rachael at the forefront of the action.

But that was a few years ago and the world has changed, right? Lisa’s on TV and people are way more open-minded now. Job done. So, what kind of exciting stories will Lisa and Rachael be given this time?

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