Storytelling Heroines & Heroes – 4 Wk Workshop

Contact: Deborah Ward (Email)

This storytelling course will offer both performance techniques and also connect you to your inner inquiry for strength and leadership.

How can telling the story of a Heroine or Hero highlight & harness their qualities in your life?

‘Storytelling Heroines & Heroes’ is a 4 week intensive course in telling stories for beginners and intermediates.




Explore the narrative structure of the heroine & hero’s journey.

Develop tools in:

– Physical storytelling
– Use of space & animating the space
– Audience connection
– Honing the visual imagination & imbuing images with delight

We will also:

– Inquire into ones personal journey of self leadership and how the chosen Heroine or Hero archetype can support this.
– We will explore your creative choices and your relationship to the your natural, unique, creative storyteller within.



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Bursary Place

Please write to course organiser ([email protected]) about why you would benefit from a bursary place at this time, in one/two paragraphs. (Confidential information, for records, on who is enabled by this option.) There are 2 bursary places available.

There are places for 10 participants. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.




Deborah Antoinette Performance:
Over 7 years experience devising, directing, performing & facilitating.
Deborah has a deep passion for working with people, to connect them with their imaginations and bodies.
She has facilitated numerous workshops at Hamilton House in Clown, Physical Storytelling & Mask, with CoResist, and in authentic public speaking – Speaking Out, at Embercombe.
Deborah is also currently training in Systemic Constellations – a group therapeutic practise, alongside her work.
She has directed and performed in shows and storytelling performances from London to South Korea including at The Wardrobe, Camden People’s Theatre & The Cube (to name a few).
“Deborah’s guidance is thoughtful & thought-provoking – I appreciate the way she leads. I feel very inspired!”
– Workshop participant,
Physical Storytelling, Hamilton House


“Our participants found the workshops thoroughly engaging, interesting and perfectly pitched. Deborah is informed and passionate about performance, her enthusiasm and inclusive approach was welcomed by all. We have no hesitation in recommending Deborah as a workshop leader.”
 – Adam, Director of The Space,
Clowning, The Space, London.


Deborah is part of the CoResist Artists Collective, resident at Hamilton House. This is workshop is produced in partnership with CoResist.

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