Strategic Producing Workshop

Listed by: IDMN
Contact: Chantal Guevara (Email)

Led by Anne-Marie Crowther, the Director of PANDA, this workshop explores the fundamentals of strategic producing and how to incorporate this into your practice as a producer, or how to refine it further if you are already working strategically.

This workshop will be held in London and can be attended online via Skype, while the footage will be available for two weeks after the event for online participants along with any handouts, presentations and exercises.

It can be all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when concentrating on specific projects, or when working with an artist on a short-term basis, so this workshop aims to help you to plan and work strategically from the outset with all your work.

We will explore the role of the producer in defining and delivering the strategic development of the artists, and using several tools, techniques & real life examples, we will explore how this could have been implemented.

This workshop will aim to provide you with the tools and skills to develop and deliver strategic planning for the artists you work with.

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