Tangled Fairytales

Contact: Claire Vincent (Email)

Written by Beatrice Vincent Bristol Academy of Drama


Bristol Academy of Drama made their debut in the 1532 Performing Arts Centre with The Wind in the Willows, and they’re returning this summer with even more fun-filled family theatre! First performed to sell out audiences in Edinburgh 2016, Tangled Fairytales gives you all the tales you know and love… with a few twists and turns along the way.

Cinderella is days away from marrying Prince Charming, but something is off about the blushing bride-to-be. Screaming at her stepsisters and bullying her beloved, it looks like Happily Ever After might not be as close as once thought! It’s up to the Fairy Godfather to sort this mess out, but not without help or perhaps hinderance from a few more familiar faces along the way.

Performed by students of Bristol Grammar School, Tangled Fairytales is an adventure that’s guaranteed to entertain parents and children alike.


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