Tea & Temptation Rehearsed Reading at The Room Above

Listed by: The Room Above

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Written By Tom Besley

A new comedy play by Tom Besley

“I am a woman of great compassion and unyielding goodness, and seeing one so dear in such a predicament instils in my weak heart far too great a love. We must be severed. I have grown too fond of Mr. Hartchild to stand to see him anymore.”

The students living at Hawton Street in Bristol are planning a little shindig. Hazel intends to dump her boyfriend and seduce the elusive Mr. Hathestop. Seb must impress the canny Nurse Foucault, or face re-admittance to the asylum at Crookford Hill. And Luke just wants to make a good impression on his hyper-intelligent girlfriend Alice Grover-Tishett.

But when unexpected guests appear, plans run amok. Can Luke stop Alice from being an accidental homophobe? Is Nurse Foucault harbouring secret racist views? How will Hazel cope with the arrival of her malevolent arch-nemesis Melody? There’s something in the wine and it smells deadly and delicious.

Set in 2017. Inspired by the stylistic features of Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen.

Cover photo art by Billie Turner.

Ticket link coming soon – all tickets £3

This is a rehearsed reading of a new play by Tom Besley. Any feedback will be very welcome.

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