Terrestrial, Weston-super-Mare: Guerrilla Media Unit

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People of Weston-super-Mare, welcome to the Guerrilla Media Unit.

Writers, film-makers, artists, musicians, hawkers, anglers, bar room philosophers, tweeters, taggers, graphic designers, coders, gamers and hackers, illustrators, animators, procrastinators… whatever you do, whatever your experience, if you’ve got something to say, come and help us tell it like it isn’t, wasn’t, or maybe could have been… We need you, to manipulate the truth.

TERRESTRIAL is a new socially engaged arts organisation. We are working in Weston to produce a series of bold and surprising arts projects over the course of the next year. Find out more about our other projects on our website.

The Guerrilla Media Unit is a group of emerging artists working together to create new myths for Weston using contemporary media – from street poster campaigns to viral videos to underground podcasts. Led by John Norton of Give It A Name (award-winning theatre maker, DJ and sound artist) with visiting professional experts from a range of artforms and backgrounds, the Unit will meet once a week to share ideas, learn new skills, and uncover new stories around the town. The rest is up to you…

You might have some bold ideas but no clue how to make them happen, you might be a technical wizard looking to hone your skills, or you might just think this sounds like a fun way to meet new collaborators.

All workshops are free. You must be over 18 to take part at this stage. To join in, follow the links from our website to Eventbrite, click ‘Register’ and make sure Eventbrite emails get through to you (sometimes they end up in junk) so we can send updates.

Know someone who might be interested? Help us spread the word through the social media.

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