The Art of Animatronics Workshop

Contact: Eloise Tong (Email)

A professional 2-day workshop designed to introduce the fundamentals of mechanical and electrical puppet control led by David McGoran, Artistic Director of Rusty Squid.


This workshop is suitable for professionals and those developing a professional practice within the moving arts such as Puppetry, Toy Design, Living Fashion and Particle Effects. No previous animatronic experience is necessary.


For many years, animatronics was a closely guarded secret.  Very few books have ever been written on the subject and until recently it has been next to impossible to study. It was only after Stan Whinstone’s death in 2008 that the work of the animatronic masters began to trickle out of the studios.


However, animatronics is an art that has yet to break free of its Special Effects origins.


Rusty Squid invites you to join us in hijacking the secret art of animatronics from the film set and applying it to you own creative practice.


We will not only be guiding you through the foundations of push pull cables, creature mechanics and servo control but we will be showing you our very own unique methods for quick prototyping, relationship design and field testing to achieve a compelling performance and emotional believability.


Our Studio have been developing our own bespoke training platforms and unique servo controllers to facilitate the study of this craft.  The Art of Animatronics is a unique chance to not only get your hands on these tools but to experience the design process we use to realise rich and meaningful relationships between humans and machines.


The workshop starts at 9.30am and ends at 5.30pm on both days. Lunch is provided.

Puppet Place Rehearsal Studio

Hanover Place

Starts: Sat, 29th Feb 2020
Ends: Sun, 1st Mar 2020
Time: 09:30

Price: £180.00

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