The Birth of Death

Contact: Rhodri Karim (Email)

by Joanne Tremarco

Imagine you have two bodies. One you move in every day and one you move in when you dream. Where does the dream body go after death?

This solo piece performed by Joanne Tremarco and directed by Yael Karavan addresses death the elephant in the ‘living’ room by warmly weaving interactive improvisation with stunning physical imagery, set to an evocative score. Drawing on end-of-life conversations with her mother, training as a death doula and adventures as a Lucid Dreamer, we are taken on a tragicomic odyssey of the soul.

Watch the trailer here:

“Tremarco took the audience down a path that was both deeply personal and utterly remarkable.'” – Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Tremarco creates a remarkable space for artist and audience to explore thoughts and feelings around (death) the ultimate taboo. And is a thing of some wonder to observe.” – Vicky Anderson

“breathtaking physical theatre.” – Lancashire Fringe.

“sad, challenging, hilarious, beautiful, uncomfortable and comforting.” – Friction Arts.

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