The Comedy Store Players

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 The Comedy Store Players

The Comedy Store Players have been performing together for 33 years. They will create a show based on your suggestions and this will be the only time that this show is ever performed as you are the script writers.

The team consists of Stephen Frost (Whose Line Is it AnywayBlackadder), Steve Steen (Whose Line Is It AnywayThe Rory Bremner Show), Ruth Bratt (People Just Do NothingShowStoppers), Andy Smart (Get FreshA Hitch In Time) and Alex Ross (The Suggestibles). You will be amazed at the speed of thought as the Players create scenes and songs before your very eyes. They have performed the show all over the world, including Azerbaijan, China, USA, Australia, and Kitts and St Nevis. Most places have even had them back!

You will be in safe hands, so sit back and enjoy the laughs.

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