The Dead of Night in the Middle of Nowhere

Contact: Tom Manson (Email)

by Riddlestick Theatre

For your entertainment, ye Riddlestick Travelling Theatrical Troupe present…

Performance dates:
Friday 24th February 21:00 at The Room Above
Saturday 25th February 21:00 The Room Above

Tickets £5
Available on the door or online at

Welcome to The Middle of Nowhere! Where people eat their words, cry over spilt milk and let cats out of the bag – our musical play tells the story of a fictional medieval town where all of the weird and wonderful idioms in the English language were founded.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so naturally the notoriously ugly King Silverspoon wants all of the eyes in the kingdom. But when he hears news of a ferocious beast with one big, beautiful eye lurking in the woods outside of town, a wild adventure beckons and all hell breaks loose.

From the dastardly King (born with a silver spoon in his mouth – literally) to Seraphina the Sorceress and her bottle of crocodile tears, our musical play is a darkly comic tale full of absurd characters, stories and songs. Inspired by The League of Gentlemen, Game of Thrones and all things medieval, The Dead of Night in the Middle of Nowhere is a romp through our most curious idioms and how they (possibly) came to be.

After captivating the crowds of the Cardiff Fringe and boggling the minds of Brainchild Festival-folk, Riddlestick Theatre bring ‘The Dead of Night in the Middle Nowhere’ to beguile the beings of Bristol!

*contains some adult themes and some moderately strong language.

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