The Death Show

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 Antonia Beck & Lucy Nicholls


It’s time to talk about the D word…
The Death Show is a darkly comic journey of discovery and contemplation, exploring our universal relationships with death and dying. Why are we afraid of the inevitable? Why are we anxious about how we are remembered? Do we really need a tweet from the Dalai Lama to show the world we lived a good life? 
Drawn together by their shared fear of death, Birmingham based theatre makers and “thanatophobes” Antonia Beck and Lucy Nicholls, have had to come face to face with death in the making of this show; training with celebrants, shadowing undertakers, talking extensively with hospice patients, GPs and Palliative Care nurses.
This show invites audiences to take time out to celebrate their own mortality. To laugh, cry, stick two fingers up at the grim reaper and discover why talking about death is ultimately life affirming. Through humour, conversation and reflection, The Death Show aims to encourage more people to think and talk about death, and looks to break down some of the taboos surrounding this universal subject matter. After all, everybody does it! 
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