The Duck

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by Autact Theatre

Imagine you spent your whole life believing everyone was pretending and that everyone wore a mask. Imagine you are the swan who instead of finding your place in the world, built a duck-mask and learnt to waddle instead. Imagine you are The Duck.

A powerful award-winning play, by autistic writer and poet, Rhi Lloyd-Williams, The Duck is an exploration of one woman’s life after she gets her autism diagnosis. Patterns and connections are fashioned from fragments of memories, as you follow the tangential threads through her mind, in this lyrical play.

Autact Theatre CIC is proud to present autistic writer, Rhi Lloyd-Williams’s, award-winning play The Duck. Reviewed as, ‘A masterclass in intimate, inclusive storytelling’, it was awarded Pick of the Fringe at Bedford Fringe Festival 2019. This is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse beneath the surface of one autistic woman’s world.

The Duck, played by Lucy Theobald, reveals the authentic voice of an autistic woman as she explores what her diagnosis means to her. Rhi uses her autism to create patterns in her writing; making this a beautiful, as well as meaningful, piece of theatre. Using the idea of being diagnosed a Duck instead of that A-word that people so often misunderstand, this is a one-woman play built around story-telling and memories, and designed to make connections between different ways of thinking.

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