The End Of The World (Cabaret)

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By Creative Youth Network & Palomar Theatre Company

45 wars around the world, 4000 people sleeping rough in the UK, Spice addicts, X-Factor, Donald Trump, and dragons eating babies. And so it was written that these signs shall foretell – THE END OF THE WORLD.

Yes it’s 2017, the end of humanity! Come and join us at Creative Youth Network as we strap in, kick back, and get the 3D glasses on for the biggest event in the history of the world: The End of the World (Cabaret).

Expect a night of dark fun filled theatre, dance, live music, comedy, and weirdness as we don our wellies and wade through the fallout of 2017.

Bar opens at 6.30pm, Show starts at 7pm

Ages 13+

Pay what you can afford – £1, £5 or £10


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