THE HUMAN STORY BEING – with Michael Loader

Listed by: Clara Marullo
Contact: Clara Marullo (Email)

Presented by The Actors' Workshop

The Actors’ Workshop introduces actor and storyteller Michael Loader, for a one-day masterclass in creating narratives.

In the beginning was the Word but before the birth of the word was the Story…

A practical day of exploring how to tell and not tell stories, through the role of actor and audience, using the word, mask, body, gesture, object and sound.

Come with a question come with an answer, come with an absolute come with a chancer.

Tell a story, tell the truth, tell a lie. Tell a story without words, hearing and knowing………..

Storyteller, writer, teacher and Fool MICHAEL LOADER has been treading the boards, working in his shed and drawing inspiration from life and imagined encounters in the worlds of education, community and charity projects, residential care for youngers and elders, the arts and corporations at ‘home and abroad’ for a fair few years and more. Director of Somerset Storyfest and Wild Words resident company at St George’s Bristol, he also works for the Read For Good charity in children’s hospitals and the Hands Up project with schools in Syria and Palestine



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