The Love Chronicles Vol. 1

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by The Ordinary People

‘You are sat in the centre of the universe. You fall in love. Over and over again.’

Tonight we invite you to sit next to the most beautiful girl in class and let her Charley Red perfume fill you with desire. We invite you to glance at the crystal-eyed man on the 46 bus and picture a life of joy and lust before its your stop. Tonight we ask the unanswerable: ‘Where is the love?’. Tonight we will sing, dance, laugh and cry as we share tale after tale of love and loss. Tonight we fall in love.

The Love Chronicles Vol 1. is a series of moments, stories, events, and thoughts. It doesn’t take one form, instead, like love, it inhabits a space of flux between, and in, a multitude of different forms. The piece is made up of ancient myths, theatrical sequences – some autobiographical, some complete lies – and is interjected with playful games and interactive happenings.

Each moment is told through a multitude of mediums including projection, puppetry, dance, music, karaoke, food, art, clown, party poppers, nostalgia and plenty of interactivity. One moment you’re sat next to the most beautiful girl in school, her cheap perfume filling you with desire, the next you witness an affair that breaks a heart as easily as you break your mother’s best crockery. We ask you to participate in sharing your most unrequited loves and singing your ‘double-rainbow’ moments.

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