The Missing Mona Lisa

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Written by Dominico Lopresti

The fame of the Mona Lisa is probably only matched by her mystery, yet it is not only the meaning behind her enchanting smile that remains an enigma. To this day little is commonly known about the theft of the soon-to-be renowned work of art, so uncared for in 1911 that it would be over 24 hours before any of the staff at the Louvre would notice she was missing. Yet, it would be this very theft and her journey back to the gallery walls that would capture the public imagination worldwide.
With many crazy theories and the crazier still investigation no one would have believed the real motive and how close we came to never seeing the Mona Lisa again. The forgotten story its disappearance – and later recovery of the world’s most iconic painting – told by the Aim Low Theatre Company is truly unbelievable in the way only human history can be.
‘Even those whose first expressions is ‘huh’ and proclaimed frankly that they cannot see her beauty or her interest find themselves disputing hotly protest over both’ – The Sunday Oregonian. (Portland, Ore.), October 17, 1909
Aim Low established in Bristol in 2013, started life as a small productions company with the goal of allowing a group of artist to have platform in order to not only share the work but make it accessible to all kinds of audiences.
First creating an adaptation of Cervantes Don Quixote in Bristol for the stage Aim Low has worked locally premiering work at the Bath Fringe Festival as well as international work with children in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Aim Low has now grown including projects both on and offline including videos and podcasts across a variety of different platforms.

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