The Naked Comedy Lab – a weekend workshop with Deanna Fleysher

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So you’re funny… but are they on the edge of their seats, breathless to see what you’ll do next? They could be. You just need to get naked.

Naked Comedy will demand your heart, your guts, and all your fluids. We want to see how funny you can be without thinking or trying. Through play, we will explore your unique connection to the audience, the bravery required to be vulnerable, and the gratification that comes with letting go. Expose yourself (metaphorically speaking!) and make people laugh.

In this weekend intensive, expect the following!
* A deeper connection to and understanding of the audience.
* Discovery and exploration of your “sweet spots”: unique ways that you move/be (emotional/physical states) that the audience especially enjoys.
* More understanding of what “stage presence” means for you, and how to really harness your performative power.
* The beginnings of new characters and sketches.
* More wildness, more bravery, more vulnerability.
* Laughing a lot.

This workshop is ideal for improvisers, clowns/bouffons, stand-up comedians, actors, and anyone who wants to be more funny or comfortable in front of others than they currently are.

What Participants Have Said:

Deanna is like a sculptor. She molds your talents, quirks and insecurities into a character you can play through.
Estela G.

Deanna creates an incredible environment of trust and honesty which allows you to really go there, to the depths, the weird, dark and zany places. She has a great eye and won’t let you hide or foster old patterns. Sometimes I feel like I’m a child in front of my siblings, free to go wild.
Krista H.

Deanna is uncanny at drawing genuineness and comedy out of every single person.
Andy C.

Deanna Fleysher’s workshop focuses a powerful lens on the performer’s inner and outer world, the audience’s emotional
response, and the strange, often unspoken interplay between them. She is a tough, smart, inspiring teacher.
Alex B.

I thought it would be fun. It turned out to be profound.
Content K.

DEANNA FLEYSHER is a comedy artist, teacher and director. Inspired by clown, bouffon, improv and physical theater, she cultivates comedy that is interactive and brave. She currently tours with her award-winning solo show Butt Kapinski and will be performing at The Wardrobe Theatre in May. Snd teaches workshops around the world. She is also the director/co-writer of several touring shows, including Red Bastard, Frank: To Be Frank, and Wyndy Wynazz is Rich&Famous. She leads the ongoing Naked Comedy Lab in the Pacific Northwest. For more info, visit, and please check out her blog at


When: Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd June from 10am – 5pm
Where: The Island, Bristol
Cost:  £130 before 27th April or £150 after that date

If money constraints are getting in the way of you being able to attend the course please do get in touch via email as there is a small amount of bursary money available, which might be able to help.

To book your place email [email protected]

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