The Neutral Puppet Workshop

Contact: Eloise Tong (Email)

A 2-day professional development master class introducing the fundamentals of breathing life into the inanimate and the core principles of puppetry led by David McGoran, Artistic Director of Rusty Squid.


This workshop is suitable for professionals and those developing a professional practice within the moving arts such as puppetry, robotics, dance, animation and physical performance. No previous puppetry experience is necessary.


Puppetry is not only an art-form in its own right, but it’s a powerful tool for understanding movement, training in collaborative creation and exploring emergent behaviour.


When 3 – 5 puppeteers collectively animate a puppet by hand something magical happens. The life of the puppet appears to arise out of the collective energy of the puppeteers. A life force greater than the sum of its parts. We call this Emergence – where commitment to simple rules gives rise to surprising life like behaviour – and it is at the very heart of our studios practice.


For the past few years Rusty Squid has been developing a bespoke set of training puppets we call the Neutral Puppets to help navigate this mysterious landscape of emergence. Alongside a unique set of physical exercises, we use these puppets to study how the simple rules of tension, release and imbalance can give life to breath, and agency.


This is a rare opportunity for you to get your hands on Rusty Squids training puppets and gain insight into how we use them to go back to the first principals of motion and emotion.


The workshop is a fusion of some of the greatest disciplines and traditions from the moving arts along with unique exercise’s that are at the heart of Rusty Squids design and development process.


Both days start at 9.30am and end at 5.30pm. Lunch is provided.

Puppet Place Rehearsal Studio

Hanover Place

Starts: Sat, 22nd Feb 2020
Ends: Sun, 23rd Feb 2020
Time: 09:30

Price: £180.00

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