The North! The North!

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By Christopher Harrisson

A dark contemporary myth about England, featuring highly physical storytelling and animation by the former director of Rhum & Clay (64 Squares, A Strange Wild Song, Shutterland)

In 1985, a fissure formed at England’s centre and split the north from the south. A giant tear through the landscape, a real gap, descending into an abyss of bottomless depth. And in the north, cut off, things began to stir. Beneath the moors and the rivers, in the valleys and by the sea.

It begins with a phone call and some shocking news. A young man, seeking vengeance for the wrongs of the past, begins a quest that will lead him on an extraordinary, surreal journey back to where it all began: the dark and bloody heart of the North. It’s a tale of dancing alone in clubs at 3am, the bad things that happen to us, and the stories we make up in response.

Supported by Arts Council England, with additional support from New Diorama Theatre, Tobacco Factory Theatres and the Wardrobe Theatre.

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