The Orphan and Tyson Fury

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Presented by  Matthew Milne

Fantasia 1: The Orphan and Tyson Fury

Exclusive. One Night Only performance from Screen Actor’s Guild winning Matt Milne (Downton Abbey, War Horse, Wrath of the Titans).

An orphan desperate to learn how to be, is visited by his idol, World Champion heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury. Fury can fly. With the aid of some magic, Fury shows the orphan the secrets of the universe and takes him to where the wild things are.

Fantasia 1: The Orphan and Tyson Fury is a free-form colourful musical adventure.

18+ advisory

All tickets include a £1 admin charge

Approximate running time 75 mins.

Showing at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm.

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) winning Matt Milne played Alfred the footman in the Golden-Globe winning Downton Abbey, was Albert’s best friend Andrew in Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated War Horse, as well as Warner Brothers Wrath of the Titans and most recently Universal’s BFI-backed Modern Life Is Rubbish. His stage work involves touring with Michael Attenborough, the critically acclaimed Defibrillator theatre company, and the National Youth Theatre. He lives in Bristol.

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