The Steampunk Mistress and the Time Machine

Contact: Lindsey Garwood (Email)

Presented by Closer Each Day Company with Show Of Strength

Two of Bristol’s most exciting theatre companies, CLOSER EACH DAY COMPANY and SHOW OF STRENGTH, join forces to take you on a Steampunk voyage through time and space.  A promenade performance exploring the SS Great Britain, inside and out, it’s the perfect way to spend a summer evening.  THE STEAMPUNK MISTRESS AND THE TIME MACHINE plays Sunday 30 June – Thursday 4 July at 7.30 with access to the ship from 6.30pm.  Tickets from

HG Wells has left his wife to live with his young, scientifically-minded mistress.  He’s writing his first novel and if it fails he’s finished.  And his personal life is just as fantastic as his fiction – his mistress’s mother is sharing their rented rooms in Sevenoaks.  As the pressure increases from all sides, the world of science fiction becomes an attractive alternative to reality. So attractive it’s just possible that Wells can no longer tell the difference.

Closer Each Day Company are the acclaimed creators of CLOSER EACH DAY: THE IMPROVISED SOAP OPERA.  Now in its 8th year, it’s the longest running improvised story in the world AND the only serialised theatre show in the UK.  Bristol 24/7 awarded SHOW OF STRENGTH Best of Bristol 2018: Theatre and Creative Bath awarded Best Live Performance (2017).

Lindsey Garwood of CLOSER said, ‘We work with improvisation and Show of Strength start with text, but so far we’re enjoying a spooky synchronicity and rehearsals are very exciting indeed!’

Sheila Hannon of Show of Strength said, ‘It’s fascinating discovering how we both work, exploring the differences and the similarities, and opening up a whole new world!”


About Closer Each Day Company

  • Creators of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera, the Wardrobe Theatre’s flagship show, appearing fortnightly, the longest improvised narrative in the world and the UK’s only serialised theatre show
  • Comprised of some of the hottest theatre talent in the city
  • A training ground for actors and theatre makers, eg the cast and creators of the popular Wardrobe Originals Christmas shows (such as Muppits Die Hard and Goldilock Stock and Three Smoking Bears)
  • Besides their regular soap, they have a standalone show Steamed: A Dickensian Improvised Tale, which has had great success on Brunel’s SS Great Britain and will be going further afield in the year to come
  • Twitter: @CloserEachDayCo
  • Instagram: CloserEachDayCo
  • Facebook closereachday

About Show Of Strength

  • 2019 – Shortlisted Bristol Life Awards/Arts
  • 2018 – ‘Best of Bristol 2018: Theatre’ Bristol24/7
  • 2017 – Best Live Performance, Creative Bath Awards
  • Created the theatres at the Hen & Chicken and Tobacco Factory, both still flourishing.
  • Twitter: @showofstrength
  • Instagram: showofstrengthtc
  • Facebook: showofstrength
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