The Zoo Story

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by  Ram and Crab Theatre Company

On Sunday afternoons Peter enjoys peace and quiet sat on a bench in Central Park, away from his wife, two daughters, two cats and two parakeets. That is until Jerry disrupts his tranquil world. As Jerry tells stories of his life that would seem tragically poetic if they weren’t so bizarre, Peter becomes increasingly perplexed and concerned for both of their well-being.

The Ram and Crab Theatre Company, created by Hamish Douglas and Eddie Cunningham, focused on character-driven theatre. After working with various other creatives (including The Others Theatre Co., Palomar Theatre and A Room Full of People) they have teamed up with Aisling Madden as director.

With Aisling’s background in clowning along with Hamish and Eddie’s penchant for twisted comedy, they have blend slapstick with the macabre to create a show full of laughs and with a hint of peril.  Energetic, fresh, and best enjoyed with a drink in hand, this performance of a classic will leave you equally chortling and unsettled.

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