Too Pretty to Punch

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

What if you woke up one morning as the opposite gender? What if that was the day you were born and you had to wait 25 years before anyone believed you?

A ukulele in one hand and a mouthful of broken words, Too Pretty To Punch grapples with what it means to be human when you don’t fit in any of the boxes.

In this brand new show Edalia Day, a non-binary Lecoq and ALRA trained theatre-maker, invites you to their spoken word, digital comedy cabaret, exploring and celebrating trans-visibility and self acceptance.

Praise for Edalia’s past work

“Day never ceased to impress… effortlessly switching between characters…for me, the best original play I have seen.” – FIVE STARS (Theatre Bath)

“Day’s language is a flower-bomb of rich, thought-provoking imagery.”- FOUR STARS (A Younger Theatre)

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