Unthink Night!

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Jasper Meehan Unthink Theatre

On Monday the 22nd July, Unthink Theatre will be putting on our first ever Unthink Night!

Our Unthink Night is simple, necessary, fun and totally unique. In its most simnple form, it is an Open Mic Night with no limitations whatsoever.

Unthink Night’s will be a safe space created purely for performance and conversation. It doesn’t matter what your creative speciality is… It doesn’t even need to be a speciality. Try new things, develop new things, push the boat out or stay at the docks. These night’s are for the performers and the performers alone. From Poetry to Stand-Up, Dance to Monologues… It’s up to you. The night will start with performances and finish with conversation. Unthink truly believes that the conversations after the performance are what will create a community. Who knows who you will meet and what doors will open. If you would like to come and perform,

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Twitter – @unthinkofficial

Instagram – @unthink.official

Facebook – @official.unthink

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