Waving Goodbye at the Alma Tavern

Contact: Louisa Wilde (Email)

 Tree Shadow Theatre

Alma Tavern 13th and 14th July 7:30pm Tickets £10 (£8)


“All those people who died young; you’ve got their life, you’ve got the chances they never had and what are you doing with it?”

Waving Goodbye is an emotionally charged black comedy which asks fundamental questions about existence and our relationships with each other. A play about the horrible choices we have to make every day. Should we take risks or take the road most travelled?

**** Remote Goat ”This is a production which has much to offer […] deeply moving”

Views from the Gods “Funny and moving”

Documental Theatre Company: “Just lapped up accomplished Waving Goodbye”

Director Alistair Ganley “Tight, funny script. Sensitive performances.”

Tree Shadow Theatre put out a call for new, contemporary scripts that didn’t fight shy of exploring big issues and what it is to be a young woman in today’s world. This two-hander  black comedy was the outright winner.

After last year’s successful performances at the Phoenix Artist’s Club for the Camden Fringe, The Blake Theatre and the Cygnet Theatre, and a sold out performance at Exeter’s Bike Shed Theatre this January, Waving Goodbye is going on a 2017 tour.

8th/9th July at Winston’s Pub Theatre, Seaton
13th/14th July at Alma Tavern, Bristol 
16th, 17th July at N16 Theatre, Balham               
22nd July at the Quarry Theatre, Bedford for Bedfringe 

Tickets for the Alma Tavern: http://www.almatavernandtheatre.co.uk/theatre/what-s-on.html

Tickets £10 (£8) 7:30pm

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