We Will Not Be Silenced – Online Monologues

Listed by: Brian Coyle

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Written by  Brian Coyle

Like almost everyone else in the theatre world, my current projects are on hold.
In wondering how to be creative in these sad and mad times, I started to write some short monologues. It turned into a project We Will Not Be Silenced: a series of twelve monologues written by me about living through lockdown and the pandemic, all self-filmed by different actors on their phone. They were written at speed and I think capture some of the feelings we are all going through: fear, anger, anxiety, rage, hope and discovering what’s important in life.
Performed by the following brilliant actors: Bruce Panday, Jessica Hole, Vickie Holden-Swinton, Dan Gaisford, Marc Bessant, Pea Lea, Regan Tetlow, Alice Grace, Ameila Sweetland, Samara MacLaren, Kim Burnett and Karen Payne.



Starts: Mon, 1st Jun 2020
Ends: Mon, 30th Nov 2020
Time: 00:00

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