What Days We’re Having Now

Contact: Holly Newton (Email)

Presented by  Jaybird Live Literature

What Days We’re Having Now
When you’re on an adventure, you need a map.

Take one last look at your teenage bedroom – its floordrobe and cereal bowls, the photos on the wall – then head out into the world.

What Days We’re Having Now is a live anthology of subtly theatricalised poems performed by up and coming poets and new writers Alex MacDonald, Ella Frears and Will Harris that are, in turn, sweet, sad and funny. Images scroll by like an Instagram feed: a flower pressed in a book, a cartoon frog, a stack of nachos cooked by a TV chef.

Through performed poems touching on identity, uncertainty, the meaning of family and the nature of love, Alex, Ella and Will talk to us. They lead us away from home and help us find our way back. Navigate your lives with their poems.

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