Where To Get The Money From

Listed by: IDMN
Contact: Chantal Guevara (Email)

This workshop offers an overview of funding sources for independent producers, from Arts Council funding to trusts and foundations, lottery funding, local authority funding, match funding and beyond.

This workshop can be attended online via Skype, and the footage will be available for two weeks after the event for online participants along with any handouts, presentations and exercises.

Lise Smith will cover Arts Council England’s funding schemes and explain when ACE funding is appropriate and when it’s not, where else to look – and how to do your best to secure it.

This workshop will also include cross-border activity, including Creative Scotland and Arts Council Wales funding, and how to incorporate them in an ACE funding application.

The workshop will include practical examples and exercises and a Q&A session.

Lise Smith works as an Independent Dance Manager/Producer, representing a number of dance, aerial and outdoor artists. Recent clients have included Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, Kate Flatt Projects, Tara Pilbrow, Fly No Filter, Kamala Devam and Anna Buonomo (Bricolage Dance Movement).

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