Wild Swimming (Edinburgh Fringe Preview)

Contact: Joseff Harris (Email)

Presented by FullRogue Theatre (in association with Bristol Old Vic Ferment & Pleasance)

Wild Swimming: A brief and benighted history

‘Whoever masters form masters time.’
Glyn Maxwell

‘We are only just starting to be able to make eye contact with the male gaze, and not just call it reality.’
Lucy Prebble, Twitter, 17.11.17

Wild Swimming: a brief and benighted history. Nell and Oscar meet on a deserted beach in Dorset. It’s 1595… or maybe it’s 1610. Oscar has returned from his first term at university and Nell is doing f*ck all. They will meet here, again and again, on this beach… for the next 400 years. Stuff will change. As it does with time. They will try to keep up.

Wild Swimming is a kaleidoscopic exploration of artistic expression and cultural progress. It’s a relentless interrogation of gender and privilege and a willfully ignorant history of English literature. Recipients of the Ronald Duncan Award and Pleasance Pathways Partnership Award, FullRogue are a messy, angry and fearless, Bristol-based theatre company. This will be the companies final runout before they embark on their Edinburgh Fringe run at Pleasance Courtyard.

Come and have fun with us and give us your valuable thoughts.

We’ll be hanging around in the bar afterwards.

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