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By Lumo Company

Lumo Company is a contemporary circus and physical theatre company founded by circus artist Hanna Moisala and actress Heidi Niemi. We aim to create innovative and engaging art that is physically and visually expressive. Inspiration is drawn from our homeland Finland: the land of thousand lakes, where winter is cold and dark but summer is hot and nightless. 

With her body, a tightwire and a physical composition that draws on the Japanese rope art of Shibari, Hanna Moisala’s WireDo, tells a mesmerizing story of stepping out to the unknown.

With its three-dimensional view, Wiredo explores the inner balance of human behaviour with the question, “What happens to the body when it chooses to surrender and be manipulated?”

Daring tightwire stunts combined with Moisala’s captivating presence and skilled rope manipulation offer an unprecedented spectacle. 

We also welcome Linn Broden and BTEC student Theresa Kuhn who will each present a short slackrope performance to precede WireDo. Look out for Linn’s materclass for emerging wire walkers. 

“WireDo is a finely balanced piece of work that contains beauty and tranquility in a ying yang of control”

– Katherine Kavanagh, The Circus Diaries 

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