WOMANS (like Romans but with a ‘W’)

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What will one woman do to go down in history? The brilliant new show from Exeter’s Scratchworks Theatre, makers of Great Train Robbery

It’s 46BC, Ancient Rome. Our hero, Leta has been declared a traitor by the Roman Senate. She is given a punishment worse than death “Damnatio Memoriae” – to be erased from history. Whilst noble Gladiators and infamous Emperors around her are becoming legends, her name will be scratched out and forgotten forever. But with the help from some unexpected muses, she decides to rebel against the Republic.

Join Leta’s determined journey to reclaim her place in the history books, from crashing the Colosseum to freeing the enslaved, she will go to the ends of the empire to make her mark.

A feast for the eyes and the ears with physical comedy, clowning and original music, WOMANS will be a raucous and hilarious tale of the first female resistance.

“Inventive and intelligent physical theatre… Wondrously enjoyable.”
★★★★ Theatre Bubble on Great Train Robbery

“Genuinely funny… an engaging performance.”
★★★★ The Peg Review on Great Train Robbery

“Charming and inventive.”
★★★★ The Stage on Great Train Robbery

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