Everyday Superheros

“They are living among us. Average citizens, average heroes. Quietly and anonymously continuing to make the world a better place.”

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Yes, that may be part of the opening sequence of the Incredibles, but Liz Clarke has made it her business to unearth these extraordinary superheroes living ordinary lives.

Through a series of workshops, Liz has worked with local women and artists to make fully fledged heroins out of the spectacular, often dorment parts of their personality. Her own renegade superhero alter ego, Betty Bruiser, is a self-made, not terribly self-aware, icon, and star of Cannonballista, which you can see on 17th and 18th July at Trinity Centre. She’s flawed, she may have a party popper sniffing habit, but her outfit will always match her cannon.

Perhaps you’re a traditionalist, and prefer your superheroes fighting crime from the pages of a graphic novel. As if we’d disappoint. Liz worked with Drastic Productions and an intimidating team of artists to create the Compendium of Super Heroes and Alter Egos, a graphic novel developed by and starring incredible, everyday superheros.