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I Am Nincompoop is a glorious gaggle of clowns, poets, story tellers, idiots, dreamers, believers and mischief makers, bound together by our belief that comedy is much more than just a laughing matter. 

Together we create opportunities for artist development, we host workshops, foster a sense of community in what can sometimes feel like a lonely world and of course lest we not forget, our glorious theatre comedy shows, cooked up with a handful of hilarity, a splash of anarchy and a dollop of love. 

Nincompoop was born in January 2015 at The Greenbank in Easton, Bristol. Our monthly new material showcases, as well as being a space full of joy, love, laughter and expressions of our own ridiculous, brilliant humanity, are an important platform for artists at all stages of their careers, to develop and grow in a safe and playful environment. We are in it together and we know that getting things wrong is just another way of getting them right; that is the spirit of Nincompoop. 

I laughed like I haven’t laughed at the theatre for a long time, but not only that, I thought the show was moving, heart-warming and overwhelmingly brave.” Nincompoop Audience Member at The Wardrobe Theatre Bristol


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In 2016, we were invited to play at The Wardrobe Theatre and were commissioned by The Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter as part of their emerging artist program. Our first full length work-in-progress theatre show ‘Wake Up & Deirdrealize’ went down a storm and Nincompoop became a company ‘I Am Nincompoop’. 

My name is Lucy and I am the creator of I Am Nincompoop. As a girl, I dreamed of a life on the stage but as a young woman I didn’t even consider that this dream could come true. After a decade supporting people struggling on the fringes of society, people with drug addictions, housing problems and mental health issues, I was burnt out, disillusioned and at a loss to see what I could really do to help. 

After a few years wandering and wondering, I serendipitously opened a door to a parallel universe otherwise known as The Invisible Circus and found my way back to the stage. I was nervous as hell, but I loved performing and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.


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Following your dream at any age is hard, but the older you get, the more society shouts that you are an idiot to even have a dream. My journey to here has been a joyously challenging one, but after more than a decade, the parts of the jigsaw are starting to fit together and I really like the picture that I see.When I started Nincompoop in January 2015 at The Greenbank in Easton I didn’t have any aspirations of what it would be or where it would lead. Two years on, it is genuinely my biggest achievement and the thing I am most proud of in my life. The most exciting part is that this is only the beginning; I have a Master Plan to make the world a bolder braver funnier place, by spreading the spirit of Nincompoop Nationwide. Like all good master plans – this one comes in 3 parts and we need your help to activate it 


I am Nincompoop are currently crowdfunding to develop their three stage master plan and keep the Nincompoop dream going for more people in more places. Click here to find out more and support Lucy in spreading the powerful tool of laughter. 


The I Am Nincompoop Master Plan from I Am Nincompoop on Vimeo.

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