IBT13: Made In Bristol

 IBT13 is a showcase for some of the world’s most unusual and accomplished performers. Sitting confidently among this International collection are a handful of Bristol-based artists.

During the past 12 months these individuals have been selected as In Between Time Associate Artists, and have embarked on a programme of mentorship and residencies, backed with commissions for the festival.’

‘These artists share our belief in the power of performance. We work together to push boundaries and find new ways to place artwork before the public.’ Helen Cole, IBT Director

As they make the finishing touches to their works, we find out a little more about them…

 Action Hero

Lesser known as Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse, Action Hero make performance inspired by pop culture. With a reputation for creating distinctive and invigorating shows, the duo are not afraid to take on the epic – delivering with deliberately lo-fi, yet undeniably skilful aplomb.

‘Compulsively watchable’ The Guardian


They’ve been collaborating with a world record breaking Karaoke Singer for IBT13, drop in to see the progress of their new work in a shipping container on Arnolfini Docks.

Extraordinary Rendition
Action Hero
Arnolfini Docks
Fri 15 – Sun 17 Feb
11 am – 6.30 pm, FREE


Alex Bradley

Technologically adept, Alex Bradley makes works you might find in your dreams. An experienced artist with a 25-year CV, an Alex Bradley artwork could be a huge electronic installation or a solo performance.  This artist swims effortlessly through disciplines in pursuit of his ideas.

‘Beautiful and disorientating’ The Observer


For IBT13, Alex has developed a sound and light installation, gorgeously sited in the garden of the central St Stephen’s Church. Next stop Shambala.

Field Test
Alex Bradley
St Stephen’s Church Garden
Thur 14 – Sun 17 Feb
6 pm – 10 pm, FREE


Jo Bannon

A captivating performer, Jo Bannon’s work often takes the shape of intimate encounters. A founding member of Residence, Jo has developed a strong following in Bristol. Her reputation for careful, exquisitely executed pieces is increasingly taking her beyond the city.


Interested in the hope and futility of exchange and the interplay of physiology and psychology, Jo asks us to contemplate death for IBT13.

‘The wonderful Bristol artist Jo Bannon’ The Guardian

Book your appointment for the World Premiere of Dead Line at the Parlour Showrooms.

Dead Line
Jo Bannon
The Parlour Showrooms
Fri 15 – Sun 17 Feb
Various Timeslots, £5/£3


Sylvia Rimat

Sylvia creates live work for theatres, galleries and public space. Her projects often revolve around the places we inhabit mentally, physically and in our imagination. A master of the surreal, you may have seen her dressed as a bear in stilettos, leading unsuspecting shoppers in an impromptu mall waltz.


‘The skill of Rimat’s performance lies in the way she marries the magic of the theatre with the fantasies of the virtual.’  a-n 

Rimat has worked with a Neuroscientist, a Mathematician and a Psychotherapist to create this new IBT commission.  Exercise your choice and attend the World Premiere at IBT13.

If You Decide to Stay
Sylvia Rimat
Sat 16 Feb
1.30 pm, £10 / £7


Zierle & Carter

 With a gift for aesthetics, Zierle & Carter examine different modes of communication and what it means to be human. Their work fundamentally explores society’s conventions, traditions, and rituals – often flipping them on their head, reversing orders and disrupting the norm.


‘Their creation of an emotionally intense, site-specific ambush, renewed my faith in the ability of people to sincerely and honestly affect how others view the world and operate within it’  Warren Fry, Audience Member

This duo has created some of the most iconic images in the IBT back catalogue. Expect nothing less when they bring a bespoke chamber opera to a Bristol living room for IBT13.

Living Room Opera
Zierle & Carter (with Chamber Made Opera)
A Clifton Living Room
Thur 14 – Sat 16 Feb
9.30 pm, £10/£7


A Special Mention: Claire Thornton

The latest addition to our Associate Artists scheme. Claire draws on performance, fine art and handed-down craft methods, creating sited installations and events that bring people together for social and critical exchange. Look out for future collaborations