Improbable + Theatre Bristol Open Space Online – Report

On 20 May Improbable and Theatre Bristol hosted an Open Space Online conversation, asking ‘How can we build the future of theatre together?’

This was a pilot event, aimed at providing the Bristol/South West theatre community with virtual spaces to hold discussions, alongside providing an opportunity for Improbable to test their Open Space Online format.

Around 70 people attended across the course of the 3 hour event. The agenda was set by the participants as a group at the start of the conversation. Four main themes emerged across the sessions:

  • Inclusion and access in future planning
  • Radical dreaming
  • Engaging with audiences and connection
  • Creative practice in the online space

Improbable have collated the reports into a document that you can download here. From ‘The Politics of Imagination, Desire and Spectacle – a ‘WHAT IF’ game of imagining the future of performance’ to ‘How can we radically change decision making structures to place artists at the centre of the collaboration?’ to ‘What are we going to let burn?’ there are a range of radical, inspiring, challenging sessions to read about and reflect on.

The reports have not been edited or curated in any way (apart from the removal of some email addresses) and are presented as they were at midday on 26th May 2020. We hope that these ideas, provocations, themes and questions may be picked up by participants at (or organisers of) future events.

If you have any thoughts, comments or feedback please email Eloise at Theatre Bristol: [email protected]

Report Open Space Online 20 May WORD

Report Open Space Online 20 May PDF