In The City 4: Beginning In The City

The fourth event in the In The City series, Beginning In The City explores new beginnings – for people, objects, and the city we live in through two days of performances, conversations and a party. Discover what it takes to start anew. Take a risk. Reinvent. In The City is a 6-month programme of performance and talks about the future of our city, held at The Parlour Showrooms from July – December 2013.

As part of Beginning in the City, Sarah Ruff brings us her new show Bad Wife (Friday 11th & Saturday 12th) fusing multimedia and physical comedy to create a politically charged interrogation of the expectation of women’s roles in modern society. Here, she tells us a little about the ideas behind her work:

Aesthetic Pleasingness on Spectrums

I seem to be working with political and personal spectrums, compiling all the clichés, images, contraptions and ideas that exist within the spectrum and then looking for a point within it, that is aesthetically pleasing to me. It’s like in real life where you are stuck between many agendas and none of them are your own, at some point you might be able to find some moment that agrees with you, sometimes not.  

If the spectrum of our starting point could be illustrated in a diagram it would look like this

Article 1

I decided to ask Kim Noble to help me with the work as a mentor. In real life Kim is the most beautiful gentleman with a rhythmic and human awareness like no other artist I’ve ever seen. When Kim puts his feminist hat on, he advises things like; ‘why don’t you swallow a goldfish?’ We did buy a goldfish and consider it, but in the end, we all got too attached to Fred. Kim is a great mentor because he is so kind and is sympathetic to a sporadic artistic process.

I also work with my husband Ed, who brings to the table a truly eclectic understanding of electronic music, creative technological skills and a genius straightforwardness that is truly uncommon in the avant garde theatre world. Ed is very nice and completely indispensable to the process and work.

In the theatrical space there always appears a spectrum between the audience and myself, which I cannot ignore. Luckily this spectrum can be seen as a kind of parody of my past relationships and experiences with men, which fits neatly into my other spectrum;


[Please note the above spectrum has all changed since I met my beautiful husband Edward Ruff Currie]

So in this piece I am able to draw on and explore that parody quite literally by attempting to join my life with that of audience members, and this fits, too, within the other spectrum.

Pattern Fight are Edward and Sarah Ruff Currie
Mentored by Kim Noble
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11th – 12th October

Full Programme:

11 Oct | 6-9PM | £8/£7 conc
Sarah Ruff performs the darkly comic Bad Wife, as she embarks on a new domestic role.
Clerke and Joy offer Tips For the Real World
(If you’re not crying, you’re not doing it right),’ a performative lecture for new artists.

12 Oct | 12-8PM | £5 (30 mins)
Peter McMaster’s one-on-one performance
Gold Piece will explore the Japanese transformative and healing process, Kintsugi. Book your slot online.

12 Oct | 6PM-LATE | £8/£7 conc
Join us for New City New Start, a conversation
about our compulsion to move and start again.
Evening performances include Sarah Ruff’s
‘Bad Wife’ and ‘We’re Looking for a Girl,’ by BigM. Stay late for a Party for Beginners!

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Beginning In The City is co-curated by The Showroom Projects and In Between Time.


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