Content Guidelines

We know that the people who use tend to be pretty pleasant, intelligent folks and you don’t need us to nanny you. That said, when in a rush or tired we can all make the odd mistake, so when adding your contributions to the site please bear the following in mind:

Relevance Guidelines:

  • All listings must be relevant to the Bristol Theatre community:
  • For what’s on items this means the event must take place in Bristol and be either a theatre event or another form of substantively related live performance (see note below on the word “theatre”) or be an ancillary event specifically related to the theatre community. Mixed art form events are very much encouraged so long as they include some form or live performance other than music, or are otherwise relevant to the community of interest around theatre in Bristol.
  • For job’s and opportunities this means the listing must be of particular relevance to people interested in theatre.
    Theatre Bristol is not a general employment websiteNB this does not mean that a job or opportunity must be based in Bristol – only that it must be of specific interest to the community of interest around theatre in Bristol.
  • For directory listings this means that you or your organisation must have a Bristol address and be able to prove that you do the majority of your work here or that you are otherwise primarily involved with theatre activity in the city rather than elsewhere.

Posts which do not meet these guidelines may be removed. If you are unsure about whether your listing meets these criteria please email [email protected] to ask advice before posting.

A note on our meaning of the word “theatre”

We intend the broadest possible meanings when we use the terms theatre and performance, and we recognise that there is often no clear line between what is a theatre/performance event and what is not. We welcome all forms of theatre from circus and outdoor theatre, via traditional text-based work, to live art and experimental theatre and the near uncountable disciplines, sub-genre’s and niches in between and we want this site to be as open, inclusive and reflective of the richness of the performance community in Bristol as we possibly can.

That said, there are some events (live or otherwise) that will not be a good fit for the site. For example, there is a strong and thriving community around live music in the city already, and thus is not the best place for pure music events such as gigs and concerts. However, music events with an extra dimension of live performance (such as caberet) might be a good fit for our community and thus would be welcomed on the site. Likewise, most exhibitions of visual art are probably not a good fit for either, but an exhibition with specific relevance to theatre may well be.

Each case is judged on its own merits, and we reserve the right to remove listings where necessarily in order to maintain the integrity and focus of the website’s content. If you’re unsure of whether your listing is right for the site please just ask.

Reposting and Cross-posting:

  • Content should only be posted to the single most appropriate section of the site – for example it is not acceptable to add identical or very similar content to more than one of the jobs, opportunities or what’s on sections (cross-posting). Please decide which section of the site is most appropriate and post it there only.
  • reserve the right to move content to a more appropriate section and/or delete cross-posts without notice.
  • Users who cross-post repeatedly or who persist in cross-posting after having been asked to stop may be banned from the site.
  • Users should only repost content which is similar to content that has previously been listed on if there is a genuine reason for doing so. Examples of valid reasons for reposting include:
    • If a job application deadline has passed without suitable applications being received
    • If a previously posted opportunity or event is occurring again at a different venue or on a different date.
    • If the details of an entry have otherwise substantially or materially changed so as to alter the section of the userbase to which the listing will appeal.
  • Keeping content on the first page of the jobs or opportunities listings is not a valid reason for reposting content. Clear duplicate postings will be removed without notice.

If you have a genuine reason for reposting content which is materially the same as previously posted content please email before resubmitting your content.

General Guidelines:

  • Try and make your listing as accurate and complete as you can. The more complete your listings the more useful they are to people visiting the site and the better a response you are likely to get.
  • Add images to your what’s on listings, and the bigger the better! Listings with images tend to get viewed much more than those without. Images can be up to 2Mb each and can be uploaded in JPGGIF or PNG formats.
  • Lastly, please don’t post anything that could be considered rude, defamatory, libellous, threatening or unpleasant or we will have to remove it and as a last resort may have to ban you from the site. If you see something on the site which you think falls in to the categories above then let us know. In short, be nice to each other.

Why we have these guidelines: works because of two things:

  1. It is based around a specific community of interest – Theatre in Bristol
  2. It supports that community by providing it with high quality, relevant information.

The content guidelines are here to help maintain that quality of information and promote its exchange in a fair and friendly environment. We recognise that Bristol-based companies and individuals do work outside the city, and we of course want to support that. But is all about theatre activity taking place in Bristol, and as such is not the appropriate place for information about activity taking place elsewhere.

Individuals and organisations based outside the city are welcome to list both events taking place in Bristol and jobs and opportunities of interest to users, but we regret that we are only able to list Bristol-based individuals and organisations in the Community.